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Jim begins most pieces with a small piece of colored glass. It is then covered with several layers of clear glass. He blows and shapes the glass into a vessel form. When the piece is finished, it is a clear vessel with a thin layer of colored glass on the inside.

Renee then hand cuts original designs out of a heavy-duty tape, placing each piece one at a time on the interior of the vessel. By sandblasting the vessel, the thin layer of color is removed from the unprotected areas, leaving the design in colored glass. Some pieces are masked on the outside as well as the inside, allowing us to carve away areas of glass enhancing the visual motion.

Our approach to glass has been shaped by the rich natural environment surrounding our home and studio in the lush St. Croix Valley of Western Wisconsin. Grass, leaves and trees, and their interaction with the elements of light, wind and water, inspire us to incorporate natural imagery into our work. We have very little interest in the literal portrayal of nature, but seek instead to convey its spirit. Our imagery has evolved from many years of observing and interpreting our surroundings, continuing to become more symbolic and abstract.